3 year old clearly used as propaganda in Baramulla Case, different opinions everywhere

An attack on a patrolling group of CRPF took place on July 1, Wednesday in a town named Sopore of Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir. After the encounter that followed, an image of a child sitting on the blood stained motionless body of his grandfather is going rounds on social media.

This heartbreaking image elicited dismay and shock among the netizens. Users on Twitter shared the image extensively, escalating the message that the boy’s grandfather was killed by personnel of the Indian Army. 

Against Indian Army

Baramulla Case India

Many supporters came forward to support solidarity by siding against Indian Army and CRPF, intensifying the hate. A lot of Pakistani handles were seen peddling the image of the 3 year old boy, targeting the Indian army.

Ayaad and grandfather Tweet

Investigation on the matter

The militant attack resulted in a massive controversy resulting into a civilian being killed in the aftermath in the north of Srinagar, Sopore town. The victim was a 60 year old civilian Bashir Ahmad who was a civil contractor. A personnel of CRPF also lost its life in the attack. 

A video message from the victim’s family has surfaced on the internet alleging CPRF(Central Reserve Police Force) of having him dragged out of his vehicle and killing him. Amongst the complex viral visuals was another one in which the security personnel was standing over the victim’s body with his feet touching him virtually. However the police of Jammu and Kashmir said that he died in the militant attack during fire exchange. But in the end, no feasible explanation could be given. 

The family is in deep shock and are mourning terribly over the victim who was killed in cold blood. Farooq Ahmed Khan, the victim’s nephew said that they went to the spot of the crime after receiving a call and were told that many people lost their lives as the militants attacked the security forces. 

His wife alleged that the child was placed on the victim’s body by the security forces for a mere PR stunt. The victim’s widow also said the militants took him out of the car, shot him and placed the child on his body, alleging Modi of injustice and questioning their freedom. She claimed that the person who killed him was not a militant but an CRPF personnel. The slain man’s daughter exclaimed that those who killed her father should also be killed. 

The heart wrenching photo of the child which evoked a sense of deep shock amongst netizens was also shared by many police officers of J&K. Later a visual of the child being rescued was tweeted by the official handle of Kashmir police.

Imtiaz Hussain, a senior police officer of J&K also shared on his Twitter account as to how they first prioritized to save the child, telling that a CRPF personnel was also killed along with the victim in the attack. 

Imtiyaz Hussian Tweet

This also resulted in the eruption of anger on the internet saying that disclosing the minor witness of the crime scene is against Article 74, Juvenile Justice Act.

Amnesty India Tweet on Baramulla Case

In a press conference, Vijay Singh- the Inspector General of Police said that the accusations on CRPF by the family was proclaimed because of the threats armed by the militants. He raised several questions whether the family members were present at the spot or did they themselves see who fired. He further mentioned that if there is any eye witness, they should come forward so that further actions can be taken.

The IGP mentioned that the civilian became a victim to the fire exchange in an attempt to save his grandson as he tried to flee along with him. Taking an action on the surging allegations on the internet, the Sopore police gave a statement saying that legal action would be taken against those who spread any kind of fake news which mentions that the civilian was killed by Indian security forces.

Sopore News on Baramulla Case

The Jammu and Kashmir People Democratic Party (PDP) said that the statement put forward by the victim’s family is different from that of the official accounts. It demanded high level impartial investigation into the matter in a time boundary from the present government.

The family stands unbendable on their statement that the man was killed by the security forces, however they have not mentioned anything as on how they reached this conclusion. The 3 year old boy appears to be a major witness alone, but reminding him of the incident over again will only make him vulnerable and traumatic.

A lot of provoking controversies have emerged in the aftermath of the militant attack and in this messy conflict, one picture or proof isn’t enough to bring out the truth. It has created an unhealthy atmosphere on the internet which is only surfacing unverified allegations on different communities and visuals are being shared as a prop to propagate war. This matter should be properly examined by the concerned authorities.

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