A look back at the Jewels of the Secular Nation of India

When the Red Lady from Game Of Thrones said ‘the night is dark and full of terror‘ it seemed pretty unbelievable but looking at the current condition of our country it makes sense. The lockdown due to the pandemic do seems like the Long Night. They say gone are the days of highly valued secularism and respect for faith and love but the question is did those days ever arrive? The backlash on the recent Tanishq advertisement paints a different picture on the canvas of secularism.

Preview of the Tanishq Ad

The latest Tanishq advertisement showed a pregnant Hindu woman escorted by her Muslim mother in law to her baby shower ceremony. The woman is surprised as this tradition is not followed in Muslims and asks her mother in law for the same, to which the latter replies ‘isn’t it a tradition to keep daughters happy everywhere?’

After the ad was released it soon went viral on the media platforms, a variety of questions were raised on it. Most asked was ‘why is it always a Hindu woman married in Muslims? Why it is not a Muslim women?’. Some slammed it for promoting love jihad. Obligations were raised from both religious groups causing chaos.

Kangana Ranaut’s Reaction on Twitter

Soon celebrities like Kangna Ranaut jumped in by making tweets for the same. In her tweets Kangna openly called the ad makers ‘creative terrorists’. She also stated the ad was inappropriate on several levels starting with the degradation of a woman’s role to just a set of ovaries. She questioned the consciousness of Hindus and advised them to question, debate and evaluate any perception that is fed to them.

Kangna’s remark soon started a line of tweets and the trending of the hashtag “#boycottTanishq”. Majority of Hindus and Muslims kept quiet and did not attempt to fall in the vicious brainwashing seminar of the outrageous communal. Still, a few took full advantage of the extravaganza and fueled the fire of illiteracy.

Kangana Ranaut Tweet

Later the brand released an official statement regarding the same:

“The idea of the Ekatvam campaign is to celebrate the coming together of people from different walks of life, local communities and families during these challenging times and celebrate the beauty of oneness. This film has stimulated divergent and severe reactions, contrary to its very objective”, the spokesperson said.

Tanishq Statement

Questions that need to be answered after the Tanishq Ad Controversy

This issue comes to almost an end but what about the never-ending issue of non stop growth of hate and how are we growing as a society? Such incidents not only bring out the wrong settled deep down in people’s hearts but also haunts the idea of a developing nation. So, how can we really develop if we can’t broaden our thinking spectrum and accept a mere matter of inter religion marriage representation in an advertisement and if we can’t accept it in an advertisement how are we planning to accept it in real life?

How are we planning to teach the next generation values of secularism, non violence and acceptance? Will India convert into a land where every belief is questioned, threatened and put to an end? Ultimately killing the dreams of our freedom fighters and nation builders.

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  1. Taqui understood the present conditions and conveyed his emotions in a truthful manner. He showed us the reality of the mental health of the people and Celebrities in India. People try to separate the communities on the basis of disbelief. Taqui went deep in the subject and gathered as much information and conveyed his emotions through words.

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