‘Amit Shah disowns Modi’ WhatsApp message fraudulence case

An old hoax with slight changes is rounding on the internet again on WhatsApp which finds itself as an undemanding medium to designate as a hub of fake news.

Apparently this is a WhatsApp forward which contains a minatory message ‘Amit Shah disowns Modi’. This threatening message is massively being forwarded asking the users to not welcome any such video or message claiming that the video carries a virus that could even format the phone as it was announced on the radio. Further it also asks people to block a given number affirming that it belongs to debit or credit card hackers.

Fake News on Modi

The viral forwarded message found its place on Twitter and Facebook as well, let’s have a look on these too – 

Fake Tweets

A message much the same was trending in 2017 by the name of ‘Rahul disowns Sonia’ which also generated much of a buzz. Back then there was no such video, only a message.

Fake Whatsapp Message

By appearances itself, the message has the same format as those of spam messages which asks the users to forward it to as many as possible. Practically, it is not possible for a video message to contain a virus that possesses the ability to format the whole phone.  Also the short form slang ‘fwd’ and ‘MSG’ used in the presentation of the message is dubious itself screaming the possibility of it being a spam message. 

When the mentioned number ‘9266600223’ is searched on Truecaller, it is named by ‘Crd Credit Card Fraud(Bb). It has been categorized as spam on grounds of 49562 reports. The Airtel number is being operated from around Delhi, India which can be seen from the further details.

Fraud Credit Card Details

Thus evidently proven, this WhatsApp forward is a hoax having the same format with the change in name which is being shared over the years. These menacing messages can deceive the users leading them to misinform others as well which only helps to propagate such forwards at a faster pace.

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