AtmaNirbhar Bharat under questioning after Fau-G’s posters copied from Collision Innocence

After the ban of PUB-G mobile version in India, a number of alternatives came under light such as Free Fire, COD, etc. Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar from his Twitter and Instagram account revealed that nCore Games would be coming up with a new game called Fau-G (AtmaNirbhar initiative) to fill the hollow left after the ban of Pub-G.

Akshay Kumar on Fau-G
Akshay Kumar’s Tweet on FAU-G

FAU-G poster copied from another game?

There were rumors that the poster has been copied from the game Collision Innocence but that is not true. This cover image is of of ‘Today We Rise’ by Collision of Innocence, a US based band and the songs are apparently available on Amazon Music.

After doing more research, we found out that this is a free image on ShutterStock and anyone can use it. But again the question lies in the ability of the Indian Designers and GFX that they cannot come up with an original poster?

Collision of Innocence Copied
FAU-G poster copied

Is AtmaNirbhar Bharat Under Questioning?

Yes, it is certainly under scrutiny. Founders and Investors in the name of AatmaNirbhar Bharat are simply copy-pasting the Western World. AtmaNirbhar Bharat is a very good initiative by the Indian Government and it is great to see that products from the Chinese World are banned for security and boosting our own products.

The Chinese are said to be the ones who copy and paste from the rest of the world and it apparently looks like Indians are doing the same. This is not the first time in this year that designs and UI are copied, Reliance’s JioMeet is copy-paste of Zoom too.

JioChat and Zoom
JioMeet, a copy-paste of Zoom

Can FAU-G make us learn patriotism?

The question is can any game make us feel patriotic? Is it a good way to show patriotism towards our country and our soldiers through a medium of game. Games are considered to be fun and for leisure. Indians also need to understand that founders of any XYZ Corporation are here for business and nothing else.

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