Busting Myths and Misconceptions About the Indian Hotel Industry in 2021

The Hotel Industry of India, directly or inversely caters to around 10.56 million of international tourists with an annual growth of 5.2% and these tourists are accommodated by more than 100 5-Star hotels in India. The Indian hotel market which was around $4 billion in 2010, saw a rapid high to $13 billion by the end of year 2020. Of course until the world was struck by the pandemic, now with an industry this big, occurrence of myths and misconceptions are common and widely spread.

Indian Hotel Industry

Misconception prevailing inside the Industry and its stages

As we dive deep into this topic, let us learn the stages, a personnel has to go through to enter this industry and how the misconception changes the mindset of an individual.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai India

Initiative Stage: Becoming a hotelier/Entering the Industry of Hospitality, Tourism and Hotel Administration

Students who have completed their 10+2 and have a desire of working in a hotel go through a exam called National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Examination or NCHMCT JEE (also known as NCHM JEE).

After qualifying this exam, they find themselves in colleges named as IHMs (Top tier college for Hotel Management) followed by SIHM, DIHM and other private colleges.

IHMs a safe route to success

Placement Guarantee

There is a common misconception in masses that getting into an IHM will help them get a sure shot at a job after 3 years is completely wrong. Even if a student lands a job somehow, it’s not what he/she would have always dreamt of!

Institute of Hotel Management India

Becoming a Manager

One of the biggest myth which attracts more than 70,000 applicants every year is that they will become a manager after the completion of their Bachelor’s Degree .

It takes at least 4-5 years of experience that too is not universal, it could be and probably will be more than that!

Cruise Line Exposure/Cabin Crew

The hoax which attracts the masses is the imaginary dreams of being a traveller, A connoisseur of foreign lands.

In simple words, students who dream of joining cruise lines and cabin crew think joining an IHM is probably a way to do it but the truth is far from it. Joining IHM does not guarantee you that also, although you can go through it but there are ways which more easily accessible and less time taking.

Chefs at Work Image

Progressive Stage – General Misconception in a life of a Hotelier

Once a student is done with his/her degree they join different Hotels. Now the quality of life of an employee in a hotel has changed in recent times but it is still far away from where it should be!

3 Ss’ of a Hotel Employee:- Status, Standard and Salary

Status- Now it may seem like a employee of a hotel will have a great status but reality being in difference with it, As even after becoming a Manager status defining qualities such as respect and integrity are non existent as far as the Indian Hotel Industry is considered.

Royal Hotel Image

Standard- Life as a Hotelier is tough already due to the physical nature of the job but long strechy hours, no weekends and little to no holidays make their life far from a Standard one.

Salary- In account to the work and hours committed to the job inside a hotel the salary is comparatively less. Even though the Hotels are costly at an ungodly level still the 90 percent of the staff is underpaid at all times.

Now this point excluded the life of their Interns and Industrial Trainees but that tale is kept for another day.

Summing up, the life which seems to be flashy, shiny and perfect is far away from the reality. All this glitters and glam are to be seen and enjoyed by the Guests and Customers only!

Effect of Pandemic on Hotel Industry in India

Now as well know this global pandemic adversely effected every individual’s life on a level which is not possible to convey through words!

But Hotel Industry took one of the biggest falls possible as all the Hotels and Restaurants were closed and tourism was completely stopped at every Domestic and International extent.

Indian Hotel Industry

Now, because of no business every major company had to let off their employees from their jobs. Employee who were able to save their jobs saw huge pay cut up to 50%. No new hirings were done. Even in 2021 most of the IHMs saw less to none Placements for their students.

Hotel Industry is all about Glamour and Money

Indian Hotel Industry

Yes, this statement is probably true but it’s only extended to it’s guest. Statistically, it may be a multi-billion dollar industry but in reality that money or luxury is not enjoyed by the people working in it.

Let us just accept the fact that nothing is easy and surely the live of a Hotelier is not nothing. As much as the industry has progressed, there have been been equal amount of setbacks. As the pandemic continues, the situation only gets worse, so it is only time when this industry could be into shatters.

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