Can you imagine an employee being fired over a tweet from a fake account?

Recently GoAir, a very famous aviation company, fired its employee over a Tweet and that too turns out to be fake. Asif Khan who is a pilot by profession at GoAir was into questioning over a communal tweet while several users on Twitter tagged GoAir and asked them to take action.

Asif Khan case of fake tweet
One of the several tweets into which GoAir was tagged

In the fake tweet, we can see the person making fun of Hindu Religion and abusing gods from the Hindu mythology. The user id @MdAsif35534489 mentioned that it works at GoAir and hence GoAir received a lot of criticism.

After the backlash at Twitter, GoAir India responded on its Twitter Handle –

GoAir on Asif Khan's termination
GoAir fired the employee without rechecking the facts

GoAir fired the employee with the immediate affect, then Asif Khan went on to Twitter and Facebook to clarify and addressed that it was a fake ID and he has been using another ID, here is the proof of it –

The original ID of Asif Khan on Twitter
The original ID of Asif Khan

After Asif Khan’s Termination

Asif Khan after receiving his termination, straight went to the police where he lodged a complaint, then he went on social media to clarify the things. A lot of media companies and YouTubers were criticizing the act but after the investigation by the police, everything was clear that it is a case of Fake ID. Alt News gave a very solid proof of the situation using Wayback Machine which made things clearer.

GoAir on reading the situation has cancelled the termination of pilot Asif Khan and his case is under internal examination. It is actually very professional of GoAir to take action instantly on the situation but not wise enough to not look at the facts or even care to ask the employee first. Let’s hope we do not see a situation like this ever again.

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