Civil War Of Pakistan: An Indian Media Opportunity For Spreading Fake News

There is a psychological theory which states gossiping as a social skill or by looking at some top media houses; today, we can say it is the only skill required to broadcast the so-called truth. Even in the twenty-first century where every information is a tap/click away some media houses who carry the flag of providing information are themselves misled. Same happened when some Indians used Pakistan’s internal matter as ‘Civil War’ and released a series of Fake News.

Tweets and videos were picked by major media platforms in India like Zee News, CNN18, and India Today which reported a raging civil war in Sindh (Pakistan) between provincial police and the Pakistan Army.

The fake news was re-tweeted wildly in India. A deadly blast in Karachi caused by a gas leak was given as a contribution by the false storytellers. The unverified accounts which were taken as a reference played icing over the cake of careless media representation.

Let’s look at some of the Fake News spread –

Fake News on India and Pakistan War
Fake News about Pakistan Civil War
India Today Fake News
Fake News about Pakistan Civil War by Indian Media

According to the BBC report, the videos were posted by a Twitter handle named ‘International Herald’. The given account was registered under a now-defunct Indian company in 2018. It had a Twitter account since 2015 which does not follow.

The death of a few police officers and stone-pelting was also claimed by the fake video, it also portrayed unrest among the crowd. The place at which the video was recorded can not be identified, it could be of some other event in history or neverland. Although, capturing videos of stone-pelting and police outrage is not very hard in India.

The BBC report also mentioned a Twitter handle @drapr007, which apparently had first tweeted the fake news and then followed it up by tweeting, “#Breaking: Heavy firefight between Pak Army and Sindh Police is going on in Gulshan-e-Bagh area of Karachi”.

On the other hand, Pakistanis got a chance to troll the Indian media for which they can not be blamed and even clarified that there is no such area in Karachi. BBC said, “Despite extensive digging by the BBC, it was not possible to establish who operates the Twitter account named @drapr007” which makes it difficult to know the reason for this kind of bluff.

Fake News Clarification

In the bigger picture, the question which still prevails is ‘How can the media houses, who carry the responsibility of providing fair facts and true information, can fall for unverified sources of information?’. Some media houses find much interest in covering a fake ‘Civil War’ and that too of another country than focusing on things like economy, pandemic and unemployment.

The reported Civil War of Pakistan can be fake but the war of truth is very real. It can be said that the fake videos and proofs were a trap to divert the media but were they ever focusing? In a few days, we are going to witness Bihar Elections, let us see how media portrays itself.

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