Who is NM Pratap? Was he really appointed by PM Modi for DRDO?

A claim with the message that Modi has appointed NM Pratap, a 22 year old who make drones from Karnataka into DRDO(Defence Research and Development Organisation) is escalating highly on social media platforms. 

NM Pratap
Fake News

Ameeta Singh, a BJP politician was also seen sharing the same post on her Twitter account –

Social media is abuzz with claims in Hindi, English as well as kannada. A user on Twitter Amit Singh Rajawat, also claimed that Pratap refused a job in France of very high order. He added many threads to his tweet telling about the achievements of Pratap in detail. 

NM Pratap Misinformation

Facts Check

Amongst all these messages spreading, NM Pratap claimed that the news of him being appointed in DRDO by the PM are false as he didn’t receive any offer regarding it yet. He said that various media houses claimed that he will be getting a call, but he hasn’t received any call or mail till date. 

Pratap refusing these claims also verified that previously he had worked with a company based in Bangalore  which was working with DRDO on a project but he never directly worked with DRDO. However, he claimed that he did get a offer to work in organisations of France with various perks and salary, but he refused as he wanted to set up a lab in Bengaluru. 

NM Pratap is a young scientist from Karnataka who is a Bsc graduate, also popularly known as the drone scientist. He also received the Albert Einstein Innovation Gold Medal at Hanover, Germany  in International Drone Expo 2018 . 

Furthermore, Pratap has not attained the Master’s Degree yet which is required to be recruited in the DRDO organisation as a entry-level scientist. 

Hence the claims of Pratap being appointed in DRDO by Modi to make drones is baseless. However the viral message also recounts the inspirational achievements of NM Pratap which are influential indeed. But creating fake infographics out of someone’s achievements merely for gaining a little popularity should be put an end.

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