Fact Check – Was rape victim and mother really killed in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh?

Women Security in Uttar Pradesh was harshly challenged by the recent Hathras Rape case and so was the Yogi Government’s impotency in stopping them. Ever since that, a lot of speculations and fake news have risen on the matter. Recently, a video on twitter was shared that a rape victim and her mother was crushed to death.

Inside the video

On October 18th, Mr. Surya Pratap Singh, a retired I.A.S. officer (as mentioned on his twitter bio) posted a 10 second long clip showing two women lying on the ground presumably dead.

Surya Pratap Singh Tweet

The video also quote that the women were identified as the Kasganj Rape victim and her mother who were allegedly crushed to death by a car after they filed a rape complaint in the Police station. Mr. Singh further used a hashtag #EndYogisRapeRaj

The video was further shared by numerous Facebook pages with the identical Hindi text. Similarly the video and text was posted by Mr. Kamal Kumar Nagal, a member of Indian National Congress (as mentioned in his bio). Thus, creating a huge buzz between the netizens.

Kamal Kumar Nagal Video Snippet

Fact Check on the video.

After the incisive research done by our team, we found that this particular video was infact old and was found in a bulletin done by India TV in July earlier this year.

According to the India TV bulletin, the incident shown on the video was infact from Kasganj where a 17 year old girl and her 40 year old mother were involved in hit and run case subsequently resulting in their death.

Fact Check on Kasganj

The truck driver was identified as Yashveer,one of the men accused of raping the 17year old few years ago. Several other news channel also reported that Yashveer was accused of killing the victims.

Superintendent of Police also told India tv that the father of victim was in jail for alleged killing of Yashveer’s father over a financial issue. Two moths later after the murder of his father, Yashveer kidnapped the 17 year old victim (13 at the time of kidnapping) was raped by 3 men. She was rescued couple of days later by the police.

Police verification on the news.

After the tweet of Mr. Surya Pratap Singh was viral Kasganj Police responded with a tweet.

The tweet by the Kasganj Police stated that the case was old and is already registered under FIR 130/20 secton 302/427 at Amarpur Police Station. The chargesheet has been sent to the Honourable court.

Kasganj Police Tweet

SP of Police also told that the victims were killed on 14th of July, 2020 and Yashveer has been in Jail for last three months. The chargesheet is already in court and the proceedings are being done on the basis of rape and murder.

The Police officer further added that the family of victims had registered a complaint about the gang rape in 2016 and there were no complaints registered in the year 2020 thus, further stating the facts of Mr. Surya Pratap Singh fake.

Final Verdict over the Fake news.

Rape, a crime which is so horrifying and serious is further degraded when there is a fake news and facts involved in it. These type of incidents take the attention of masses away from the Rape and gives it a Political angle which is the last thing needed to end it.

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