Fact Check – Will there be a Nationwide lockdown imposed from December 1?

India was under a lockdown for the longest part of the year 2020. At some places, it was even more than 100 days. According to the trend, at one point of time, India had 100,000 cases per day but recently after removing the restrictions, the number has significantly come down to 30,000 cases per day which is certainly a good sign.

But there have been talks of lockdown again after inspecting the situation. A lot of misinformation and fake news has also been spread that from December 1, 2020 there will be another lockdown. Let us see if this is true or not.

PIB comes with a clarification

After a lot of speculation, PIB Fact Check came to the rescue and clarified the whole situation. From its Twitter handle they have assured the masses that no such notice has came out in public from the Government and for the time being, we do not to worry. This is the link to the clarification –

It’s about time people should realise that social media can make or break things, a lot of misinformation has been passed from credible sources. Hence BuzzzTed advices you to always look at the source, sometimes multiple sources for credible information.

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