Fake infographic images surface after Indo-China altercation in Ladakh

India and China has had several altercations in the past due to territorial issues, whether it is Aksai Chin or Arunachal Pradesh. In this time period, people go on social media to show support to their respective countries, out of which several information is fake.

Lately an infographic image has been trending on Whatsapp groups that show several leaders from the developed nations supporting India. This included nations like Japan, Israel , USA and Russia. India has always had good relations with these countries, but some of the statements are false while some are from a different context altogether. Let’s see what the image says –

FakeNews about India
Fake Infographics are being circulated on social media

Let’s clear each of the statements one-by-one. First is Israel’s statements with the image of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. After researching a lot on the internet, we could not find any such statements, “Those who are planning to attack India, needs to face us.” from Israel’s PM. India has Israel’s support in a lot of international issues but why would Israel face any nation’s enemy unless there is a common ground.

Next is Japan’s statements with the image of PM Shinzo Abe. Again, the statement is false because Japan doesn’t have a standing army of its own. Japan has had good relations with China is the past and continues to do so because of the economic reasons. It is next to impossible that Japan’s PM could have said that statement.

USA on the other hand was more supportive towards Pakistan since the time of independence but has come on good terms with India now. India is an important state and Trump has on record said he is friends with Prime Minister Modi but the question is on what context? After much research, there has been no evidence that USA supports India as far as Indo-China tensions are concerned.

Russia had backed India from a very long time, these two nations’ friendship is evident from the time Russia supported India in Indo-Pak wars. Russia on record has backed India to fight terrorism and supports India on the Kashmir issue but there have been no statements that supports the claim that Russia is with India on Indo-China matter. The party governing China has a bit of Communist background and Russia has been founded on those ideas. Again, next to impossible for Russia to support India for now.

Social Media has become a hub of fake news and our viewers are advised to always ask the sender about the source. Let us become more thoughtful and wise on sharing such types of infographic images.

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