ICMR study claiming Covid-19 will peak in mid-November turns out fake

Various news reports claimed that India might see peak stage of Covid-19 around mid November as said in a study by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research).  Many news in their reports like The Press Trust of India, The Hindu, The week, The Firstpost attributed to this study. Later the Firstpost withdrew its article after the clarification given by ICMR.

COVID-19 fake news
The news turns out to be wrong

Several news handles also shared the same report on their Twitter handles hence escalating the message widely. Here’s of NDTV

NDTV COVID-19 Fake News

Background of ICMR News

According to the report of PTI, the study was carried out by researchers from Operations Research Group constituted by ICMR. The nationwide eight-week lockdown began on March 25 which delayed the peak of epidemic by about 34-76 days estimated according to the researchers helping to reduce the infection to 69%-97%. But the truth came otherwise.

PTI in question

Verfication by ICMR

On Monday 13th June 2020, Indian Council of Medical Research via its official Twitter handle elucidated that it had not carried out any such report. The study which asserted that covid-19 peak stage might be seen around mid November as it was delayed by 8 weeks for now leaving to the inadequacy of ICU beds and ventilators was denied by ICMR on Monday saying it was ‘misleading’. 

The council gave a statement professing that the study didn’t reflect its official position and wasn’t peer-reviewed.

Tweet on ICMR

After this, the PIB (Press Information Bureau) in its fact check declared the news to be misleading. It said that the ICMR did not carry out the study to which the report is ascribed and doesn’t label the information authentic.

PIB Fact Check
Fact check by PIB

Though the news spread is found fake, we cannot expect the cases to come down anytime soon. China has again started reporting cases, so there might be possibilities that India sees a similar situation in November. But such unverified reports creates an atmosphere of panic amongst the citizens and also befouls the image of reliable institutions like ICMR. Hence strict guidelines should be followed by media houses instead of fear mongering the citizens who are already victims of corona led mismanagement.

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