Fact Check: Is FAU-G idea stolen by Akshay Kumar from another actor?

Recently, PUBG along with other 118 Apps was banned by the current Modi government as result of ongoing border tensions with China. This led to GOQii Technologies Private Limited and Studio nCore Private Limited coming up with the idea of FAU-G, another game to make children realize the sacrifices done by the soldiers of India.

Soon, Akshay Kumar too released this news from his social media accounts but a lot of controversy has surrounded the game. First it was regarding the poster, now it on the idea of FAU-G.

PubG poster
PUBG Poster
Fau-G poster
FAU-G Poster

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Angle

Yes, the mystery man is the Late Actor, Sushant Singh Rajput and apparently, a lot of users on Twitter users have spread this conspiracy. One such is Vibhor Anand, let’s see his tweet –

Involvement on SSR
Fake News on FAU-G

Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s name surfaced claiming that he was the main brain behind the game FAU-Grand this was his original idea which was later stolen by actor Akshay Kumar. This news lead to a massive backlash for Akshay Kumar as well as the creators of the game FAU-G.

This news was backed by the fact that there were some codes written in late actor’s diary which was retrieved after his death but this was also fake since those codes had nothing to do with the codes of game. Those codes was just a picture taken by SSR to his Instagram Account.

SSR death note

Truth Behind The News

Bombay Civil Service Court passed an interim Order stating that it the Sushant Singh Rajput angle was completely false and marked it as a fake news, thus putting an end to all the speculations leading to it regarding and the late actor’s role in the same.

GOQii on Fau-G

Court also stated that the people who have been circulating this false and baseless conspiracy and fake news regarding the game FAU-G will be restrained by the court.

Clarification from Akshay Kumar

Following the verdict, both the company GOQii and actor Akshay took the help of their social media accounts and posted about the Court’s statements and amends thus putting a final stop to the controversy.

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