Is Mukesh Ambani the richest man in the world and not just in Asia?

With Facebook buying 9.9% of the shares of Reliance Jio for a whooping ₹43,574 crores, Mukesh Ambani became the richest man in Asia surpassing Jack Ma. His net worth currently stands approximately at 79 billion USD, bringing him to the top 10 rich list. But the story doesn’t end here, the question is whether he is the richest man in the world or not?

Elon Musk and Mukesh Ambani

We can solve this mystery by using the Economic tool of Purchasing Power of Parity (PPP). The nominal value of USD against INR is approx. ₹75/USD. However, the PPP index puts INR’s value at ₹19/USD.

Hence, in terms of PPP, the wealth of Mr Mukesh Ambani is =79 x(75/19) = $300+ Billion. Which ultimately makes him far richer than Elon Musk (Founder of Tesla and SpaceX) whose net worth currently stands at approx. $183 billion.

Hence, Muskesh Ambani could have been the richest man in the world in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) but it’s just an economic tool, the real world is far different than what we learn in the books.

Put your thoughts below and tell us your understanding on the famous Economic term Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).

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