Let’s bust some myths and misconceptions about Depression

In a 2017 survey, 197.30 million Indians suffered from mental disorders out of which 45.70 million were depressive disorders. Depression was always around, in friends, family and closed ones but we never cared to talk about mental illness until Hindi Film Industry lost its emerging superstar, Sushant Singh Rajput on 14th June, 2020, suffering from depression. Due to less exposure to such issues, let us take out time and bust some myths and misconceptions about depression.

Myth 1 – Depression means you are weak

It is a biological and psychological condition but societal stigma makes people think that those suffering from depression are weak. It has nothing to do with how much strong a person is. A person can be strong both from inside and outside and still ends up being depressed.

Myth 2- Depression is the result of lack of willpower

Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill had strong willpower yet both suffered from depression. From a person’s talk you can never imagine what he is going through unless he opens up to you. Depression has nothing to with the willpower of a person.

Myth 3 – Depression is only in your head

A lot of people take depression in a less serious tone and tell the sufferer that it is only in your head, you can overcome it by yourself. Rather than saying that, one should listen to a person and try to solve the issues they are actually facing. The first step is accepting that is a condition and it should be taken seriously.

Myth 4 – Depression is not a medical problem

By thinking that depression is only in your head, they do not feel it is a medical problem and do not try to consult psychologists, therapists, doctors from the medial field. By taking it lightly, you only put your loved one’s life in danger. Please do not think that way and understand the grievance of depression.

Myth 5 – Hard work defeats Depression

When people express that they are depressed, it is our duty to console the person and ask the person to take a break from their daily life. In various studies, it has been proven that overworking can actually be a sign of clinical depression, especially in men.

Myth 6 – Depression will go away by itself

Trust me, it is not. Everyone needs help either on a personal level or by medication. It can never go away on its own. Rather than saying this to the person suffering, let us listen to them and prefer things in their way.

Myth 7 – Depression is communicable

Through genes, yes, there are possibilities but you will not be depressed if you family member or your loved one is suffering from it too. One can see a pattern in your family and take the concerned measures. Avoid alcohol abuse and drugs to stay fit and healthy.

Myth 8 – Depression and being sad is the same

No, a lot of people are sad or disappointed and think they are depressed and get away from that sadness in a couple of days. On the other hand people who are actually suffering from depression are taken less seriously. If your pizza is not delivered on time, you are not depressed, you’re just disappointed.

Myth 8 – Everyone experiences Depression in the same way

Symptoms for different types of depression is different. Everyone experiences depression in different ways. Some might get depressed from a loss, some might start feeling worthless and start getting suicidal thoughts, some have severe mood swings, and there are thousands of ways of be depressed. So think from their perspective, you might not get sad on a particular thing but the other person can feel the chills from the same thing.

Myth 9 – Only women get Depressed

Men too get depressed. Societal pressure doesn’t allow the person to come out and speak on this matter. These days social media bashing and trolling is an all time high, people cannot discuss their issues fearing others might mock it.

Myth 10 – Not everyone gets Depressed

Women tend to be depressed twice than men. Anyone can suffer from depression. Usually it occurs in women due to hormonal changes in child bearing stages or in early 20s but an episode of sorrow and sadness can make anyone depress, at any time.

It is nice to see everyone coming up, discussing and asking each other to help in the time of need. As a social animal it is very important to express, talk, take a break, take things easy and live it to the fullest. Everyone faces issues and we need to face them but in today’s time, wheneverything has become stressful, let’s not fight alone.

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