Look Back How Business Tycoons like Ratan Tata, Bill Gates were misquoted during the pandemic

With the rise of social media in recent times, it has now started gaining its supremacy over mainstream media. People nowadays read more news over WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, etc and the social media is also not immune from fake news. A series of Fake News came up during pandemic, misquoting some of the business tycoons, here’s a look back at them –

Ratan Tata Image
Ratan Tata’s Fake Quote

The Whatsapp Quote with his Photograph

Ratan Tata Hindi Misinformation

Recently, a photograph of Ratan Tata was being shared along with a written piece of quote stating that 2020 is the year of survival rather than gaining profits thus, advising the Taj Group employees to not worry about their subsequent targets.

The statement was well received by the netizens and Mr. Ratan Tata was being appreciated for his humility and ethics turned out to be fake. The myth was busted by Mr. Tata himself through his twitter handle.

Ratan Tata Clarification
Tata Clarifying on Twitter

He added that a photograph of him alongside a quote does not guarantee that he has said it. He also mentioned that this is a common problem which is faced by many famous personalities which sometimes can hamper a public image or credibility of that individual.

TATA Tycoon Ratan Tata

Earlier, Tata Trusts chairman had posted another photograph claiming and clarifying he had not written it. He then addressed his fans asking them not to believe every story which has his picture or name. He also stressed on the fact that all the news concerning him will be shared through his official accounts on different social media.

Ratan Tata Tweet

Bill Gates behind COVID-19

There are many theories on how the pandemic began, one of the them includes Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder, recently was all in the news and was accused to be the main man behind the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Almost 5 years ago, Bill Gates had predicted on a TedTalk that the next fall of human beings will not be weapons or climate change but micro organicism and this all came true in 2020. A lot of people started questioning Bill Gates and many theories were formed.

However, he has claimed all the theories to be baseless by quoting, “It’s a bad combination of pandemic and social media and people looking for a very simple explanation.” the Microsoft founder said during a CNN Town Hall interview. Here’s the gist of the full interview.

Fake News

Final Verdict

We at BuzzzTed are a strong believer that Fake News leads to all sorts of trouble and hence it should be avoided and whenever somebody is being quotes, we should read or listen from the 1st person rather than from the 3rd person. Fake News can ruin the reputation of anyone hence, much care should be given the source of the news.

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