Man repeatedly raped in Pakistan by daughter-in-law

Rape as horrendous it is was considered a crime committed solely against the woman. In recent times, the rapes or sexual brutality against males has increased thus subjecting to more discussion than the past. Research shows that the assaults against males started with children (male children). In a country like India where people are not ready to talk about female rapes perpetually, the issue of male rapes is far from table.

Old man, raped by daughter-in-law, dies in Pakistan

80 year old Ghulam Ali from Aroop Town in the state of Punjab, Pakistan was raped by daughter-in-law seven times before having a heart attack by extreme dehydration and exhaustion on 19th of October. Bilal,son of the victim Ghulam Ali told the Police that he had gone out of the city for work leaving his wife Naheed to take care of his father.

Naheed was present at the crime scene and was the last person who had seen Ghulam Ali alive. She was taken under custody after forensic team found semen and vaginal fluids near victim’s body. During the interrogation Naheed confessed to the police that she had been raping her father-in-law for last two months and blackmailing him to remain silent. Naheed is currently in police custody and his awaiting her trial to take place.

Stating the heinous act and the law of country Naheed will be subjected to several years in jail or furthermore punishment.

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Man Raped In Pakistan

Gender Neutrality in Rapes

Gender neutrality in rapes is the last thing this society needs to face but the scenario and cases surfacing on day to day basis cannot be ignored. As a matter of fact nobody is safe. Shockingly, in countries like India, male rape cases are filed more than women. This certainly has two meanings, men too get raped and the number of women rapes in India do not even reach to the police or not even an FIR is filed against the rapists.

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