Renaming of ‘India’ to ‘Bharat’ a fake news, Supreme Court rejects petition too.

A news mentioning that the Supreme court has placed orders to rename ‘India’ to ‘Bharat’ in every language from 15th June is massively being passed around on many social media platforms. From various news reports it is found that the news was first shared on a Facebook group, from an account by the name of Sharmila Nain Babli on Wednesday 3rd June, 2020. Later it was put down, but it was already being shared widely on various platforms.  

Fake News on Indian Name Change
False update on Renaming of India

The users on Twitter also didn’t fail to propagate this claim on a wide scale.

Fake Tweet on India
Fake Tweet on India

Truth on Renaming India

The appeal was made by a businessman named Namaha based in Delhi in the Supreme Court, asserting that the alteration will make certain that citizens would get over the colonial past of the country and instill a sense of pride in their own nationality, also justifying the freedom fight by our ancestors. 

The plea said that it was the appropriate time to acknowledge the nation by its primary name ‘Bharat’ especially when the cities around were being renamed to agonize with the Indian ethos. The petitioner put forward the argument that the name India was not taken from inside the country itself, instead it was a Greek origin word for ‘Indica‘ .

The petition says to revise Article 1 of the Indian Constitution which says ‘India that is Bharat shall be a Union of the States’, in a manner that ‘India’ should be stroked off and only ‘Bharat’ should be continued. 

Verdict from Supreme Court

The hearing of the matter was done by a bench headed by Chief Justice SA Bobde through video conferencing who told the petitioner’s counsel that in the Constitution itself, India is already being called Bharat. He also added that the writ petition can be treated as a representation to the central government for a befitting decision. 

Chief Justice SA Bobde

Background Check

A similar petition filed by Niranjan Bhatwal, a social activist from Maharashtra was dismissed by the apex court in 2016 with Chief Justice of India then TS Thakur remarking that a citizens of India can decide on its own whether to call the country ‘India’ or ‘Bharat’ and Supreme court shouldn’t decide it on the behalf of the citizens. In a nutshell the subject is being debated since India got its independence.

Viable Inference

Hence, the appeal made for rechristening the name to ‘Bharat’ has been spread on an extensive scale. The netizens without even affirming the authentic source of the news only assisted to escalate it which would even lead to create rift among people, creating an atmosphere of chaos in the already pandemic hit country.

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