Series of fake news published after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, KRK and others in questioning

On 14th June, Hindi Film Industry lost its emerging superstar, Sushant Singh Rajput. There was no letter recovered from Sushant’s home and it has led to fans and everyone questioning as to what possibly could have happened? The blame game began and a series of dubious and fake news/ tweets have risen after the actor’s death.

Police did the postmortem of the body and cause of death was said to be depression. In search for these answers, people came up with their own theories. The sad part was people did not even think of the source from which it was coming.

A lot of superstars, directors and new comers were questioned when they went on social media and gave their condolences. Directors and Producers like Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra came under the radar, while nepotism was a hot topic of debate. Salman Khan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and everyone was questioned but nobody could still come up with the correct answers.

Dubious Tweets from KRK

Let’s look at some of the dubious tweets and try clear a few thoughts –

KRK BoxOffice

This was the Tweet from Kamal Rashid Khan that has caused a raucous in the social media. For one second we did not think of the source and started spreading hate speech towards anyone that ever had any connection with SSR. What was his ‘source’? KRK in his YouTube Video told that he was a very good of Sushant.

So if Sushant was friends with him, why didn’t he anywhere followed KRK? We are all aware of the fake news KRK has published in the past. Remember the controversy happened when Shivay and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was about to release? You can read about it here.

KRK said he was friends with SSR and they had a close bonding together but repeatedly, he has posted a series of Tweets against SSR, can anyone do this to a friend?

KRK trolling on Social Media
KRK spreading hateful Tweets about Sushant

To hide all his deeds, he now wishes to make a movie on SSR. This couldn’t have gone down any further. See his latest Tweet –

Kamaal R Khan Tweets
KRK wants to produce a movie on Sushant Singh’s life

Dubious Tweets from Sanjay Nirupam

The next fake news is highly dubious and it comes from a Congressman, Sanjay Nirupam. In his Tweet he wrote that Sushant Singh was offered 7 movies and all of them shelved within a span of 6 months. Again, what is his source?

He’s a politician, what’s his need in Cinema? After doing an extensive research on this, we could not find any source for this news and thus, we highly doubt this as fake.

See the Tweet here itself and tell us what do you think –

Sanjay Nirupam on SSR
Fake news from an Indian politician on Sushant’s Death

Including Mahesh Bhatt and others in conspiracy

There’s also been a fake news on Mahesh Bhatt, this is truly surprising that people are sharing this at a large scale, without giving a thought about it. Check it out –

Fake News on SSR death

We all have a bad habit of reacting on social media, the second it spreads, especially on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc .We’ve also started arguing for no reason with our connection. So let’s just control, sink in the thoughts and then react on anything. The only mistake Karan Johar did was that he quoted in his caption that he takes up SSR’s suicide as ‘his mistake of not trying to talk to him’. When it’s actually neither his nor anyone’s mistake. Let’s be very cautious of what we post.

We saw a petition to ban Karan Johar, Bhansali and Salman Khan Films because they apparently had banned SSR. Did anyone thought for a second about the source? Clearly people have just used this time to say anything against the film fraternity.

Making Up Stories with Ankita Lokhande

Next up, ever since Ankita Lokhande has came out and given interviews on Media Channels like Republic TV and Zee News, a lot of fake news regarding this came out too. Have a look at this screenshot –

Fake News on Sushant's Death
Fake News regarding Sushant’s Death

Adding Aditya Thackrey and Akshay Kumar

Sushant’s death has been connected to Disha Salian’s death (Sushant’s former Manager) and it is alleged that in that party a son of famous politician was also there, where she reportedly committed suicide. Ever since this news came out, people started making conspiracy theories which doesn’t make sense at all.

Let’s look at this screenshot –

Fake News on SSR death

Afterwards it was made clear that Akshay Kumar was with Thackrey Jr. for gifting Mumbai Police some wrist watches. Checkout this post for more proof.

Final Verdict

So the blame game is visible in this case. First suicide then nepotism then Bollywood Fraternity then his servants and friends then Aditya Thackrey then once the family filed an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty and her family then people are after her.

Clearly we see that Sushant was facing some challenges in his life for the past six months or so, his medical treatment was going on and unfortunately he passed away, but his death has left some serious allegations that needs to be answered. Nepotism, bullying, camps formation within the industry but we’re questioning them on what basis? On the basis of fake news? This truly doesn’t add anything up to it. The whole motive of this movement goes into wreck if we keep on spreading fake news.

Possible Conclusions? Did he die from suicide? Maybe, he had depression. Was he murdered? Maybe, Mumbai police is clearly failing in their investigation. But let’s not spread fake news.

2 thoughts on “Series of fake news published after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, KRK and others in questioning

  1. Karan Johar did not produced his film “Paani”, even after the rehearsal of 1 year. Sushant posted in his comment that he don’t have a god father in this industry if the movie will not be watched by his fan. He will loose his job. He begged his fan about this. Ayushman Khurranas biography reveals that Karan Johar said he only works with starkids and in one of his interview he was saying “usne theka nahi leke rakha outsiders ka”. What you say about all this? These official statements are also fake haina?

    1. Why would Karan Johar produce Paani when it was under YashRaj Films. Aditya Chopra scraped the idea. Please read and stop spreading half news.

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