The curious case of the dog rescuer from Indore

Recently, a video of a girl named Sakshi Sharma from Indore surfaced over the internet and was later re-posted by many pages as well as main stream media. In the video serious mental and sexual harassment allegations were made by the girl and how the Police Department of Indore (Madhya Pradesh) was not taking any actions.

The video was posted by Instagram Influencer TedTheStoner.

Claims in the Video

For a bit of context, Sakshi Sharma a resident of Tilak Nagar, Indore works as a dog rescuer. The latest video was deemed to be her last one regarding what she has been going through the last few months.

She stated in the video that police have paid no attention on her case, although a 70 year old man named Shobharam was booked and arrested under IPC sections 112, 294, 323 and 506 on 9th of March, 2020.

Sakshi also made very big and serious allegations on the Police Department on the topics such as drugs and infringement and also that the police has not taken any action, despite her endless attempts of informing about the death threats she has been receiving.


After research, we found that Sakshi’s real name is Samrin Bano, resident of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and has multiple cases of felonies around different cities and how she is trying to ruin the image of Indore Police by falsely playing the victim card.

In an interview, DIG of Indore Mr. Harinarayan Mishra said that on the basis of her complaint they had arrested a man and even investigated further on several other cases she filed, but later her problem became everyone around her.

Unraveling the False and Truth

  • The girl’s name happens to be different from what she calls herself in the video and what the police had reported. So she lied her identity in front of social media.
  • She lives in the same place as told by her in the video.
  • She has some 40 pets, one can hear the barking in the background of the video.
  • She was harassed by a few people in the locality and that is why Indore Police had lodged an FIR against a man in the month of March.
  • But her claim that police had done nothing was partially wrong and right.
    Wrong because they did some proceedings and investigation in the month of March, but right because she had to create another video in July and seek for justice. According to her, 1 of her pet was killed by the locals while another was missing. So the happenings continued.

Allegations Arising From Her Statements

A lot of questions has arisen from her viral video. The first one is why is she wearing a mask in the video? Even in her recent videos shot from her home, why is she wearing a mask? Is she trying to hide her identity?

After the video had gone viral, several people came out and shared their experience with Sakshi Sharma. We present you all one such video from Instagram. Here the person tells that Sakshi is not alone, she had support from a veterinary doctor named Rahul. She spoke in the video that she is doing this all alone but Rahul had been helping her.

In this video we also got to know that Sakshi has been struggling to keep those 40 dogs with her and she was not able to pay money to the landlords and every time landlords came to ask for money, she would abuse them and go to the police saying that she has been harassed.

Final Verdict

This story leads us with the fact how easily a news or video can mislead the masses and how easily people jump into conclusions without knowing the two sides of the story. People should realize the damage her fake story has caused, we are sure that if next time any person really suffering from something like this will be mocked and not taken seriously.

The worst part about this was that many famous people showed their empathy and shared this fake story which made the situation go haywire.

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