TikTok under the wrath of Fake News and Chinese Goods Boycott in India

TikTok, a subsidiary of ByteDance, founded by Zhang Ziming is under all sorts of bad light these days. TikTok has been criticised a lot lately because of the type of content its creators make, especially in India. In that process, a lot of fake news has risen from nowhere and people are made to believe it. 

One of the websites made a content saying, “TikTok was created for the Jobless and Unstable People.” We tried a lot and researched on several portals but we couldn’t find any such statement from founder Zhang Ziming. 

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok is currently valued at 100B USD and is the fastest growing social media platform in the last decade. It has already surpassed social media superstars like Linkedin and Snapchat in the competition. So it is next to impossible to ignore a product like this. It is actually the best platform if you have any talent. TikTok is on a growth stage, so there are a lot of chances if your product goes viral on TikTok.

But TikTok came under the wrath of the Indian Users once TikTok influencers/ creators started offensive videos on women, child abuse, religion, etc. The videos were removed but it still left the users unsatisfied with the platform. Also, while PM Narendra Modi talking about Lockdown 4.0, he asked Indians to become ‘Aatmanibhar’, he never mentioned to boycott foreign made goods but some took his statements otherwise. 

Indian Boycotting Chinese Goods on Twitter

It’s understandable that Indians have a long grudge against using Chinese Products but in a globalized economy it is next to impossible to ignore foreign made products. The gap between demand required and supply of goods made in India is huge and it is next to impossible for a growing nation to stop taking products from a country that is known for its cheap commodities. We can only wait and see how long this battle of commodities goes on. 

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