Truth Behind : Indian Man Selling his Cow for Daughter’s Education

A news mentioning that a man sold his cow to buy a smartphone for his daughter to attend online classes became viral, which was shared around July 22. The report went viral as it was shared by various media houses and on social media platforms, hence broadcasting the message widely and emphasizing on the hardships of the middle class, showing how the man sold his cow to ensure his daughter’s education which earned him a lot of praise.

Truth Behind Man Selling Cow
All the stories regarding the farmer were suspicious

The man belongs to a village named Gummar in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. After the news made a lot of headlines, help was offered to him by various official organisations. Among those who came forward to offer him help was also the bollywood actor Sonu Sood, which also made a major headline. 

Sonu Sood Tweet

Fact Check

The administrations in charge of the district looked into the surging claims made in many news reports. They found out that he has seven animals in a cowshed and sells their milk to make his living. Kuldeep Kumar had seven animals and he sold his cow three months after he bought the smartphone which costed him around Rs. 5000, the Kangra officials said in a statement.  The district officials told that Kuldeep Kumar sent his kids to private schools, providing them expensive education and books, the fees of which sat around Rs. 4000-5000. 

The officials found out that the man sold his cow for Rs. 6000 voluntarily to a local of the same village, Surendra Mohan on 10th July, whereas he brought the smartphone for his children three months back on 30th April, 2020. 

The Deputy Commissioner, Rakesh Prajapati said that the SDM and the Tehsildar, Gajdish Sharma have investigated about the family and found out that the family was financially unstable. The family was also offered by the administration that the cow could be bought back, but the man refused as he did not have any shelter to provide to the animal. The man was later nominated for a house under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna scheme and his  name would be mentioned under BPL (Below Poverty Line)

Hence it was found out that the family was living in a cowshed due to a family dispute and the motive for which the cow was sold voluntarily was different than that being reported by various news channels, also the help was started coming to Kuldeep Kumar in big numbers after the news escalated. 

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