Truth behind the story of a man forced to drink urine in Rajasthan

The caste system in India is the representative and traditional example of caste. There are in fact more than 3000 casts in India with perhaps no standard or an all-Indian system of ranking them, thus creating a rather peculiar environment which sometimes results in communal disturbances.

A video surfaced, showing a man from Rajasthan beaten, tied to a pole and forced to drink urine went viral. This video showed a wild side of India which people tend to ignore often.


As mentioned in the video, a Dalit guy is physically assaulted, tied and is forced to drink urine. The video is said from Barmer, Rajasthan.

This video shows the condition of Dalits in Rajasthan and how they are being oppressed and harassed. It was shared through an Instagram page named ‘Mehfil-e-jamia’ couple of days back, they are known for sharing such stories and videos from all around the country.

The Truth Behind

After doing an extensive research, the victim in the video is identified as Hansraj Gurjar, who works as a truck driver. Hansraj met with district police chief after lodging a FIR against dacoit Ram Lakhan Gurjar and his gang for physical assault and forcing him to drink urine.

In his statement he said that on 6th of January dacoit Ram Lakhan Gurjar along with his brother Bachan Gurjar and nephew Dashrath Gurjar assaulted him, looted Rs. 22,000 and forced him to drink their urine.FIR states that Ram Lakhan Gurjar wanted to take revenge on Kaptan Singh Gurjar, employer of Hansraj Gurjar, as he had lodged a police complaint against them on 15th of December for abducting his brother, Shivram Singh Gurjar for ransom.

One SHO (Station House Officer) of Mansalpur was removed for negligence and a special team was formed to arrest the accused.


“Mehfil-e-jamia’ the page that shared this video turned out be fake as the following incident actually dated back all the way to January, 2020. Through incisive research we found that the page has shared many other videos without any context and proof, just with the sole reason of misleading the masses by the name of Dalit oppression.

Fake news rather misleads the general public, as they are not aware of both the sides of a story. Let’s take this Instagram user for example who just saw the post of ‘Mehfil-e-jamia’ and without knowing the context he shared that video, thus resulting in negative propaganda for the actual truth.

‘Mehfil-e-jamia’ had not mentioned the word ‘Hindus’ once.

This was the classic example of fake news, this took the air away from the brutality that man faced to a rather political or communal point of view.

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