Veracity of claims allying to Cyclone Nisarga in Mumbai

Cyclone Nisarga perched on Maharashtra coast near Alibagh on 3rd June which intensified into a ‘severe cyclonic storm’.  Mumbai, India’s financial capital, escaped a cyclone that moved along the western coast of the country. Surprisingly, Mumbai escaped a huge loss from Nisarga but it gave rise to a series to fake news in the media.

Amid this several untested videos were seen immensely being shared linked with cyclone Nisarga on various social media platforms asserting to show the fatal impact of the cyclone. It was first seen on the official Twitter handle of CNN News18 in which the caption read, ‘dramatic visuals of the eye’. Later, the same video was been being shared by Firstpost news on its Twitter handle too. Although it mentioned that it got the video via CNN News18 in the caption, both the pages took their posts down. 

Fake News on Cyclone
Firstpost and CNN sharing an old video

Twitter reactions on the Nisarga fake news

The video was also being shared by Journalist Abhijit Majumder on his Twitter and the users were also seen sharing the same video vastly Twitter captioning #CycloneNisarga, showing a waterspout in the sea. The 15 second video shows a long tube shaped splurge over the sea professing it to be the ‘eye of the storm’. 

Image of Old Cyclone
Video claiming to be Nisarga is fake

Truth behind the Nisarga fake news

An old video back from 2019 was found on YouTube claiming it was from Goa mentioning a place called Bambolim. According to various news reports, Goa actually did face cyclone Kyarr in 2019 which lasted from 24th October – 3rd November. The Indian Meteorological Department forecasted that the depression in the Arabian sea brew into cyclonic storm Kyarr on 25th October 2019,  which would have move towards the coast of Oman in the next five days. 

However, the location of the video back from 2019 is still not confirmed from any authentic sources yet. But since the videos uploaded in the name of cyclone Nisarga and the viral videos uploaded back in 2019 are the exact same when compared, thereby proving every claim mentioning it of being cyclone Nisarga false.

2019 image of Video

Nisarga was reckoned to be the storm of its kind since 1948 to buffet in Mumbai. According to reports of Business standards, at least four people were killed and eight people were injured. Through this cyclone, news handles and netizens shared a video and it looked like it was done for mere purpose of recognition or popularity. Being the first in the crowd to share the news even without verifying its source, only assisted in misleading people and making one actually believe how catastrophic the event was. 

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