What is the controversy surrounding Sunil Gavaskar and Anushka Sharma?

Sunil Gavaskar, the former Indian legend in cricket recently was in the headlines for making some comments on Anushka Sharma over Virat Kohli’s batting in an IPL match. Let’s have a look what happened and how this controversy arose.

RCB vs KXIP 2020 Match

It was an RCB vs Kings XI Punjab match in the Indian Premiere League, being held in UAE due to COVID-19 and since a lot of players are playing the game after a long break, a lot of players looked out of touch from Cricket. The same happened with Virat Kohli, he was facing some issues with high-pitched deliveries. On the other hand, Sunil Gavaskar was commentating in the Hindi Broadcast of the IPL with Aakash Chopra, a former Indian Batsman, when the whole incident happened.

This is how the conversation happend in Hindi –

Aakash Chopra: As all the players have set their foot on the field after a long time, [you can] feel that the swords have caught rust, they are not as ready. If you see the IPL career [of Virat Kohli] – he has unparalleled 5427 runs. But Sunny bhai, not playing cricket for 6-8 months, it is not easy.

Sunil Gavaskar: Absolutely. He [Kohli] didn’t get a chance to undertake the necessary practice. He knows that the more he practices, he’ll improve. When the lockdown happened, he only practised against Anuskha’s bowling, we have seen the video, but nothing is going to come of that.

Aakash Chopra: He was practising in his apartment. There is no privacy at all. (People from the) nearby building also shot a video of it.

There is a video proof too going viral on Twitter as well –

Gavaskar was talking about this video that had been captured by a fan in which Anushka and Virat are playing cricket together –

And this is how the conversation had ended on the commentary box.

Anushka Sharma’s reply to Gavaskar

After this, Anuskha took her Instagram handle and posted on her story and wrote what she felt about the controversy mentioning her –

Anushka Sharma Instagram Story

Surely, Anushka looked pissed off when her name was mentioned with her husband’s performance on the ground. She said the comments were ‘distasteful’ and the fact that were in 2020 and still these comments are being made from someone like of his stature.

Sunil Gavaskar’s reply back to Anuksha

Later that day, Sunil Gavaskar went on to an interview and spoke to the media and cleared about how his words were misquoted, “Aakash (Chopra) and I were talking about very little practice for everybody which has shown in rustiness for Rohit, MS Dhoni, Virat everyone in the first match,” Gavaskar said. “Where am I blaming her? Where am I being sexist? I am only stating what was seen in the video. If somebody has interpreted it (differently), what can I do?

Sunny Gavaskar
Gavaskar’s reply back to Anushka’s Comments

Not the first time Anushka’s name has been mentioned

It is actually not the first time Anushka’s name had been connected to Kohli’s performance. During the 2019 Cricket World Cup, Farokh Engineer had slammed the Indian selection committee and went on to say that he had seen them serve tea to Anushka during 2019 ICC World Cup. Which is of course not true since Anushka went on and released a press statement and Kohli clarified it.

Our Opinion on the matter

We at BuzzzTed, believe that sometimes people misquote or misunderstand the thought process. Maybe Gavaskar said this is humor but the comments were not received well from Anushka’s end and therefore, it is better not to include anybody’s spouse for any matter.

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