What is the possible reason behind MS Dhoni retiring at 19:29 hours?

On the 15th of August, 2020 former Indian Cricket Captain MS Dhoni retired from the International Cricket in the coolest fashion. No press conference or a goodbye game, just 2 lines and an emotional video. Truly Mahi finished off in style. But what’s all this buzz behind retiring at 19:29 hours?

Possible Reason(s) Behind Retiring at 19:29 hours

MS played his last international game on 09 July, 2019 in the Cricket world cup semi final against New Zealand in which India had lost. It was a very distressing moment for all Indian and Dhoni fans because we all wanted to see Dhoni lift the world cup (probably in his last big tournament).

But as destiny turned otherwise and India lost to New Zealand around 19:29 hours IST. Maybe that was the moment MS had realized that his time in the Indian jersey is over. After this loss, Dhoni did not play any match for India, his contract too with BCCI did not extend.

MS Dhoni Image
MS Dhoni on retirement

After the world cup, Mahi was not seen much, he never expressed his loss too. If this theory of retiring at 19:29 hours is correct then it means that world cup loss in 2019 was still on the back of his mind.

Another reason described by page MetroSaga states that number 1929 is angelic and it states that, “You have completed a big, great project, and you are closer to your soul destiny.”

Angel Number 1929
MS Dhoni 1929 numerology

Team BuzzzTed Wishes MS Dhoni a happy retirement, his legacy shall be remembered by generations to come. Let us celebrate his career and his contributions to the Indian Cricket.

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