What is the Truth Behind the Claims on ‘Tiranga at Lal Chowk’ in Srinagar?

On 15th of August when India was celebrating it’s 74th Independence day a photo hailing from the famous Lal Chowk of Srinagar of the National Flag hoisted on its clock tower surfaced. The event was marked as a change after the demolition of Article 370 as the National Flag was said to be hoisted after 10 years.

Occurrence at Lal Chowk,Srinagar

The photo emerged from twitter and was shared by more than 6000 users thus creating a big buzz and media attraction. BJP leader Mr. Kapil Mishra and BJP Ladakh MP Mr. J.T. Namgyal were the big names sharing the photograph with similar claims.

Indian Flag at Lal Chowk

This photograph was seen as big win for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and NDA Government for a fact it had occurred after the demolition of Article 370 and everybody was thanking PM Modi for it.

Triranga at Lal Chowk
Fake News on Lal Chowk, Srinagar

‘This instance has made Srinagar the Crown of Nationalism’ as quoted by BJP MP Mr. Namgyal.

Reality of the Srinagar Saga

After an incisive research we found that the pic is actually doctored and the original photo is dated back to 2010.

Lal Chowk Image

Both the photos are the same with the only difference of the National Flag in the viral one. The original photograph was posted by a man named ‘Mubasshir Mushtaq’ on June 22,2010.

Yandex Search Engine
Truth Behind Lal Chowk

Further researching we found the present photograph of Lal Chowk and how it has changed in recent years.

Viral Lal Chowk Image
Viral Fake News on Lal Chowk

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