What is the truth behind the death of pregnant elephant in Kerala?

On May 27th, an elephant had died in Kerala’s Malappuram area. The death was very unfortunate and it was later revealed that she was pregnant, and ate a pineapple filled with explosives and dynamites. In a statement released by Mr. Mohan Krishnan, Section Forest Officer, Nilambur on social media reveals that pineapple was fed by the locals. But the question that lies ahead is whether it was fed purposely or she happened to eat it by mistake?

Official Statement from Section Forest Officer

According to Mr. Mohan Krishnan, the elephant went to the village in search of food and she was fed pineapple with dynamite by the locals. The explosives burst in her mouth and in agony, she left the place without harming humans there. To alleviate her pain, she went and stood in the Velliyar river.

In the postmortem it was later revealed that she had a developing fetus that would have turned into a baby elephant in 18-20 months. The officer also told that they will find out the people who have killed it and punish them for the horrendous crime.

But let us unravel a few things before claiming it was done by the locals purposely.

Elephant standing in the river

What was a pineapple with dynamite doing there?

Usually a pineapple with dynamite (snares) is used to keep yourself protected from wild animals. Wild animals are a threat to property and life, such measures are taken in village or tribal areas to protect themselves.

Snares are also used to catch wild boars, wild boars tend to destroy and spoil the crops, especially in farms and coffee plantations. Recently the government is allowing the farmers to keep licensed firearms to kill wild boars.

How do we know it was done on purpose by the locals?

From the statement released by the officer, we came to a conclusion that it is done by the locals but no solid proofs were given to assure the readers that it was done by the locals. Previously we had mentioned that the practice of using snares to keep the farms and homes away from the wild animals has been in there since a long time. Kerala Government has has ordered a probe into the matter, which proves that it is still not confirmed whether humans did it purposely or not.

On further research we got to know that the elephant belonged to the Silent Valley National Park (SVNP), Palakkad. So it is certain that she was not into the village specifically for food. There’s ample food in national parks.

Fake news surfaced in the elephant’s death

A lot of fake news has surfaced into this matter and again Whatsapp is the hub of fake news. Let’s see the very reason why we made a content on this issue –

Fakenews_Mohammad Amzad Ali and Mohammad Tamim

The image says that people named Mohammad Amzad Ali and Mohammad Tamim Sheikh have been involved and arrested by police and it is fake. There has been no report from police claiming this.

Investigation on Killing the Elephant

The next news was broken by DD News Malayalam that a person named Wilson was arrested in this case. But again, this news came out to be fake. It also states that two more people are being questioned, we believe DD News is talking about Amzad Ali and Tamim Sheikh but all of this turns out to be untrue.

Possible Conclusions

For now, we can only take out ‘possible’ conclusions. Maybe the animal must have found it lying somewhere and must have consumed it herself not knowing what lies ahead for her. Or maybe she consumed it near a plantation. The worst scenario that we can think of she was given that pineapple, but the question again lies, why?

The only possible conclusion we can take out from here is that it was an unfortunate incident and it is very sad to hear something like this happened to an animal. Rather than criticizing the locals, we need to think of possible solutions and ways we can stop this practice of using snares. This is one news that came out, we’re sure there might be thousands of cases that were left unseen. Let’s hope laws are made against it.

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