What is the truth behind the Urination issue in Budweiser Beer?

For decades, people have been flippant about how the beer tastes like, maybe like pee? and maybe at some point you too might have thought about it. How bizarre it would be if you found out that was true?

Most recently, an article about a Budweiser employee pissing into beer tanks for 12 years took social media by storm gathering the attention of not only main stream media but also our artistic community of memers.

The Beer Fiesta

The article taken from a satire media company called FoolishHumor stated, an employee named Walter Powell (alternate name) accepted to have peed inside the beer tanks for almost 12 years. The article further stated that Walter has only worked in Budweiser Brewery Experience (Fort Collins, CO) which in fact meant that the rest of the Breweries producing Budweiser were free from his magic potion.

Budweiser Beer Truth
Satire Media Company FoolishHumor Posted this content

Considering the momentous nature of this news it took a wild turn when suddenly thousands of memes and jokes were made on it. #Budweiser was also trending with immense public reactions, thus creating a great buzz for the brand.

But is the story of a man peeing inside the beer tanks for 12 years without anyone knowing even possible?

The Truth Behind

FoolishHumor is known for cracking satirical jokes on literally everything. But readers on social media just read the heading and in no time, people started posting about it though memes. Media Company ‘The Hans India‘ too posted about it. But later the content the removed from the website.

Some of our favorite memes on this –

Aur Bhai, aagaya swaad
Budweiser Beer memes

Hence, Budweiser Beer and its conspiracy turns out fake. FoolishHumor has already clarified before that the content they post are solely for fun and should not be taken seriously.

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