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Why mangoes in Japan are costliest in the world?


Mangoes are referred to as King of Tropical Fruits. There are different varieties of mango in the market. Even though there are over 50 varieties of mangoes in the world, mangoes in Japan are said to be the costliest. When mangoes in a typical tropical country cost from $2-5/kg, mangoes in Japan cost as high as $2000-5000/kg. Ever wondered why?

Miyazaki Mangoes – Costliest Mangoes

Three major places where mangoes are cultivated in Japan are Kagoshima, Okinawa and Miyazaki. Okinawa is biggest cultivator of mangoes but mangoes from Miyazaki are said to be the costliest in the world.

Miyazaki Mangoes belong to the family of Irwin Mangoes. The colour of Irwin Mangoes are different from the usual mangoes. Usually mangoes have a yellowish-orange color and they belong to the family of Pelican Mangoes. Miyazaki Mangoes have a purplish-red colour which is different and very attractive.

What makes them so costly?

Mangoes of Japan in India?

Some years back in Madhya Pradhesh, India, a couple were travelling by train. While on their way to Chennai, they received a few saplings of mango from a stranger. They had no idea and they simply planted them in their farm. After sometime, they were amazed with the quality of mangoes the trees were bearing. Some research later, they found out that those saplings belong to miyazaki mangoes.

This news spreaded like fire in the neighbouring areas, so much so that it was all in the news. They got scared that people would steal those saplings from them. To protect the farm, the couple had to hire 4 guards and 6 watch-dogs.

When places like India are over burdened with production with mangoes, so much so that prices go as down as $0.13 per kg. Japan still sells its over expensive mangoes to the public. It is of course very difficult to curb the sales. A lot of farmers livelihood depends on such sales. Tropical countries where production is in excess should look to sell canned fruits. Canned food is a great way to increase profitability.

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