Analysis: BJP suspending Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal

Comments from India’s ruling party i.e BJP’s spokesperson on Times Now has created a havoc in India and the Middle East. Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal have been suspended. Nupur Sharma was handed a 6 year suspension while Naveen Jindal was removed from the BJP. Let us know the whole story of what went down and how India is being ridiculed in the Middle East.

Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal

Background : Controversy surrounding Nupur Sharma

Gyanvapi Mosque is situated in Varanasi, India. The mosque is claimed to have been built by Aurangzeb in 1669 AD. There have been claims that it was built over a Lord Shiva Temple. The case is in the court for years now. But recently, a lawyer has claimed to found a Shivling in the proximity of the mosque.

As usual, Indian news channels on Prime Time began debates and heated arguments. People belonging to different parties and communities used cuss and abusive words. No matter the person, mocking each other on news channels is nothing new to the Indian viewers. Secondly, news debates have become nothing but a centre for spreading propaganda and fake news.

Nupur Sharma on Times Now

On 26th May, 2022 Times Now held a show called #GyanVapiSachDelayed. Thereafter all the eyes turned on Nupur Sharma when she spoke about Prophet Mohammad.

“Should I also make fun of your flying horses in Quran? Do you want me to make fun of Prophet Mohammad who married a child and had sex with her?”

Nupur Sharma on TImes Now debate

After Effects of Nupur Sharma’s Comments

The clip went viral and was heavily criticised in India and outside world. India has maintained good relations with middle eastern countries. Besides, Middle East is not only a strategic partner but millions of Indians live as expatriates. By 8th June, 20 countries from the middle east have condemned comments by Nupur Sharma.

Naveen Jindal, Delhi Social Media Unit Head and member of BJP also took to twitter and backed Nupur Sharma’s views.

On Friday, clashes broke out in parts of Kanpur after the defamatory comments on Prophet Mohammad. Hurled bombs and bricks were used when two communities started fighting. On Saturday, several people were booked for igniting the clashes. Amongst all, the most controversial name that came out was Harshit Srivastava. Thereafter he took on Twitter and spread hate speech among the people.

BJP’s Reaction on Nupur Sharma’s comments

BJP quickly released a series of statements and condemned the acts of their spokesperson. Therefore Sharma was suspended for 6 years from the BJP. In addition, she also issued an apology for her comments and clarified her stance.

BJP on Nupur Sharma

Al Qaeda on Nupur Sharma controversy

Terrorist Organisation Al Qaeda has released a statement over the controversy and this appeals to be threatening! So this is how Al Qaeda responded:

BJP’s Laid Back Attitude on Nupur Sharma’s Comments

The comment by Nupur Sharma was made on 26th May. Yet, it took BJP a couple of weeks to suspend their spokesperson. On contrary, it took an angered Middle East for BJP to take any action against such comments. Besides this, if we look at news debates, they are nothing but speaking derogatory remarks on each other.

India is a democracy, liberty and fraternity state. Every person has the right to say what they feel like. But BJP took these serious steps only after the Middle East got upset. So in a way, they could neither defend the free speech belief nor they were bold enough to take strict measures against Nupur Sharma beforehand. Still the leaders from ruling party remain silent on such grave national issues.

Indian News Media turning into a Sham

It is sad to see how much content in India is controlled by the government. When Congress was in power, they too were doing the same so this is nothing new. Secondly, it is sad to see scholars from different sections of society come live on television and use cuss words for each other. When people of one country take on each other, it is a total havoc for the whole country.

Finally, we can say that this was a good lesson for every person who speaks ill of person, caste, creed or religion. When Vir Das spoke about two India, he was definitely speaking some sense. On one hand, the world is amazed by the economic prosperity and developments in India, yet on the other hand, there is a long way to go.

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